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God cares, God sees and God rewards what you do with your money.

We are to build memorials to the works of God on earth. Yet what moves me is that God is setting up memorials in heaven to remember our generosity and our prayers. Think about it: your tithes and offerings are building monuments in heaven and are laying a foundation for God to move at the perfect time in your life, and in the lives of your family. God cares, God sees and God rewards what you do with your money.

Now watch this video to hear more of my thoughts on this chapter:

Want to get the most out of this week? When you read through Chapter 4, here are some questions I want you to think and journal through…

1. Before reading this chapter, did you tithe? Has anything changed about your perspective on tithing since reading it?

2. Do you see God as your business partner? How does this revelation of kingdom franchising change the way that you give?

3. Tithing takes faith and risk. When we give the first ten percent it shows that we trust God and want to give Him the best, not the leftovers. What is one thing you can do to start taking that risk? Take some time to pray and ask God what He wants you to truth Him with.

4. If you’re not tithing right now or trusting your storehouses with your finances, I want to encourage you to find a place where you can tithe. Give your franchise fee to God and watch Him multiply it beyond what you thought was possible! I encourage you to start praying actively over the tithe that you give to your church.

5. Is there anything in your heart that is holding you back from tithing? Is there a fear that you won’t be able to pay your bills, or maybe a fear that the money you give won’t be managed well…whatever it is, take some time to work through that with God. I bet that trusting Him in this area of your finances will be really freeing, and it will take a level of risk to get there.

Don’t forget that we will be having our Live Q&A for last week’s chapter (Chapter 3) TOMORROW, May 10th at 11:00am PST!

Then, next week I’m going to be taking some much needed rest (this we are graduating 2,000+ students from BSSM!), so I will pre-record the Q&A for Chapter 4 and post it on 5/15 at 8am PST, so mark your calendar and thanks for your understanding with my schedule! Please don’t forget to email me your questions as they come up while you read the chapter!

I want you to know that I pray for each of you in the group—that God would prosper you, that He would help you work through any heart issues that may be keeping you in a poverty mindset, and that He would supernaturally rewire your thoughts to begin to think like heaven! May God richly bless you and your family this week!


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