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Georgia boy helping elderly woman struggling to walk up steps goes viral

One 8-year-old’s act of kindness has now been seen by hundreds of thousands of people from coast to coast, and it all happened right here in Central Georgia.

8-year-old Maurice Adams was riding home from a graduation on Wayne Street in Milledgeville when he noticed and elderly woman having a hard time getting around.

“He was like, ‘Mom, can I help her go up the steps?’ I said, ‘Sure,’ so he jumped out,” said Maurice’s mother, Contricia Hill.

“I started to help her out because she was struggling up the stairs,” Maurice said.

Maurice says he loves the elderly. “They are so nice to people and they will help some of the kids out. They love kids.”

Little did he know that Riley Duncan was recording the whole thing.


“It made me feel so good inside. Once I saw that, I knew I had to reward him with something, because you don’t see that too commonly these days because people don’t believe in helping nobody,” said Duncan.


Duncan whipped out a $100 bill just for Maurice for inspiring him and others with his kindness.

Duncan said, “If we could have all kids like him, it would be a better world.”

While Maurice says the attention and gifts he’s gotten are nice, the best part is the feeling he got while helping and what happened when he and the woman got to the top of the steps.

“I got a hug from her,” Maurice said, which he really liked.

It was a small gesture from a small person that has now brought a big joy to thousands.

Maurice says he hopes to continue helping people all the time.

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